Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau – The Preferred Choice For Landlords And Tenants

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At Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau we have been taking care of rental properties in Luton and Dunstable for over 30 years, and we are one of the most recognised letting agents in the area, both by landlords and tenants.

As a property owner you want to know that your rent is going to come in on time every month, whilst also achieving the maximum rent possible. We take care of both of these aspects for you. First, we will inspect your property and provide you with a completely free property valuation, taking into account the property itself, the local area, and the amenities available, so that you know the sort of rent you can obtain.

We use advertising techniques that we have developed over the last thirty years including a strong internet presence, in order to ensure that your property is let to a suitable tenant as quickly as possible. We carry out checks on tenants in order to be certain that they are of good standing and will not only pay the rent on time, but also take good care of your property.

Of course, very occasionally a tenant may face some sort of issue, such as loss of employment, financial issues or any other problems. However, you have no need to worry, because when you use our services, you get guaranteed rent. Yes, your rent will still arrive on time regardless!

Property Experts In Dunstable And Surrounding Areas

If you are a tenant looking for a home in the area, it is good to know that we are also local property experts in Dunstable and the nearby towns. Because we take care of so many properties on behalf of our landlord, it means that we have a constantly changing portfolio of properties available to rent. So, whether you want a high rise flat in the town centre, or a cottage out in the countryside, we can always find something that is suitable. Just let us know where you want to live and what you want.

We also have long viewing hours. When you have to work five days a week, it is often the case that you can only look at a new property after work or at the weekends. With us, you can check out a property at the weekend or in the evening when it suits you, rather than having to take time off work.

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