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While many landlords like managing their own rental properties, they sometimes need assistance in finding the right tenant. Numerous letting agents in Dunstable provide this helpful service, which helps lessen the issues that landlords occasionally encounter.

In order to avoid incurring expenses such as those associated with a vacant house, you should ideally choose a responsible tenant who will stay for a reasonable amount of time. If you are renting out a family house, for instance, your ideal tenants may already have furnishings, but a compact, fully furnished flat would be a suitable fit for a young professional.

1. We have Got Your Back

Ever worried about not getting your rent on time? Or is your property getting trashed? With Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau, you can chill. We make sure guaranteed rent coming in every month, with no fuss. And we keep an eye on your property condition too. It’s like having a responsible friend looking after your house!

2. We are Popular with Tenants

You know how everyone wants to go to the cool kid’s party? Well, Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau is like the cool kid of letting agents in Dunstable – the magnet for tenants. Tenants love them! And when tenants love an agency, it means your property gets more attention. More attention means it’s easier to find good tenants. Win-win!

3. We are Always There for You

Ever had a leaky pipe at 3 AM? Or a heating breakdown in the middle of winter? Don’t worry—Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau’s 24*7 property management has you covered. A group of property managers works for us and are available around the clock. It’s similar to always having a hero on call!

4. We Have Got Fancy Tenants

Now, we’re not talking about tenants with top hats and monocles. We mean we have access to corporate tenants – you know, big companies looking for places for their employees. These tenants often pay more and take good care of the property. And guess what? Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau knows loads of them!

5. We Know Our Stuff

Well, valuing a property is tricky. But we do it all the time. We know exactly what makes a property valuable – like if it’s near good schools or has a nice view. So you can trust on our accurate valuation.

6. We Work When Others Don’t

Have you ever attempted to schedule a medical appointment on a non-workday? Isn’t it a nightmare? Well, Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau gets it. We provide longer viewing hours that to whenever everyone is comfortable with – in the evenings and on weekends. So more people can see your property, which means it’s more likely to get rented quickly.

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