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Guaranteed Rent

What Is Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau’s Guaranteed Rent And Property Condition Scheme?

Regarding property management one of the critical concerns for many property owners is ensuring rent is paid at the end of every month. However with our guaranteed rent we take the burden off you and ensure you get paid no matter what.

In today’s climate letting a property is both an opportunity and a challenge. The main challenge that it comes with is many responsibilities such as operational issues, maintenance and property upkeep. It can often mean that renting can become a massive risk to your property portfolio and become a huge financial burden.

When your property is fully managed your rent is guaranteed on time, everytime and every month. Property condition is also guaranteed in our fully managed service.


So What Do The Rent And Guaranteed Property Conditions For Landlords Include?

When your property is fully managed you get the following as standard:

  • Guaranteed rental payments at no extra cost
  • Guaranteed property condition at no extra cost
  • Happy and managed tenants
  • No more income shortfalls
  • Risk reduction when taking on new renters
  • Premium customer service and 24/7 property management
  • Legal cover for court and eviction costs
  • Regular property checks on your behalf
  • Vetted contractors to ensure ongoing high-quality property maintenance

We pride ourselves in being Luton’s first agent to offer a rent guarantee and property condition guarantee as a part of our fully managed service with no hidden or additional cost involved. Allow us to ensure your investment is guarded as standard.

Why use Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau

Guaranteed Rent and Property Condition

Here at Bedfordshire Accommodation we know the one certainty a Landlord wants is to know there rent is coming in every month without issue as well as the property being maintained, which is why we offer this package on all of our properties as standard.

Magnet for Tenants

Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau is one of Luton’s most recognisable brands attracting many tenants every month. With our trusted name in the industry your property is in safe hands.

Property Management – 24/7

Our experienced Property Management department looks after 100’s of properties on behalf of our clients in Luton and around the world, relieving clients from the constant responsibility of being a landlord. In fact, many of our tenants prefer managed properties.

Access to Corporate Tenants

Many companies use our letting team to find a wide variety of accommodation for their employees. With a diverse range of requirements, including both long and short term lets, corporate tenants are often prepared to pay a premium for the right property.

Accurate Valuation

We complete many valuations every week, giving us intimate knowledge of property prices in your area. Our valuations take all local benefits into account, whether your property is surrounded by the best parks, restaurants, schools or transport links.

Longer Viewing hours

Our longer viewing hours are essential to maximise viewing opportunities for your property – in fact a lot of our viewings are carried out after work and at weekends. Accompanied viewings also mean we can use our expertise to help let your property.

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