Green Spaces, Golden Opportunities: The Worth of Your Garden

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When the sun finally appears, many of us take advantage of the first chance to enjoy the weather by going outside into our gardens. Areas that were possibly overlooked in a wet springtime suddenly become an essential addition to the living sections of our houses. Gardens may improve our overall well-being and add value to our homes, among other practical and psychological benefits.

Gardens have a substantial and quantifiable value in terms of property values. Terms like “curb appeal” and “home value” are familiar to us. It is beneficial to receive more offers than if the outside of your house is boring.

Beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is especially true among gardeners. Overdoing it is the one area where your garden can go awry in terms of increasing the value of your house. Let your estate agent in Luton decide how the garden should look to increase the value of your property.

Gardens’ varied value is influenced by their several applications. According to a survey, people most frequently utilise gardens for relaxation, but they can also be used as places for kids to play and as storage for household pets. Garden offices have become more popular as a result of the post-pandemic move to working from home, which adds another useful use for outdoor space and may raise property values. Since buyers frequently notice a home’s exterior first, these upgrades likely increased home values.

One can even quantify the benefits of spending time outside in terms of physical wellness. People’s blood pressure and heart rates drop after just three or four minutes in a garden. Everyone’s health can benefit from gardens as they create a sense of connection with nature and encourage responsible environmental management. Furthermore, gardens frequently facilitate pet ownership, which has been shown to improve mental health.

Even in the absence of a private green space, just gazing out of a window at a verdant scene can be beneficial to one’s mental health. Refreshing and peaceful sentiments that come from looking out over green spaces are typically the foundation of emotional bonds with dwellings. Additionally, more and more developers are including green spaces in their plans that benefit entire communities.

If your property also includes a garden, rest assured that the value has already increased. Get in touch with our estate agents in Luton to know more about it.

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