Making Landlord Life a Super Easy

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Nightmare tenants trashing the place…long vacancy periods with the rent money tap turned off…legal hassles galore. It’s enough to turn those passive income dreams into an incredibly stressful reality.

Our top 6 benefits?

1) Guaranteed Rent – You’ll never lose a wink of sleep over missed payments again! We guarantee to cover the full rental amount. This is thanks to our stringent vetting that only approves high-quality, financially secure residents. 

2) Accurate Valuations – We’ll ensure you get every penny of income your rental deserves. Our multi-factor valuation process analyses amenities, local demand, appreciation potential, and more. No overpricing sitting vacant or under pricing leaving money on the table!

3) Cream of the Crop Tenants – Say goodbye to nightmare residents! Our letting team proactively markets to and vets tenants based on their income, credit, references, employment history and trustworthiness. Only exceptional candidates make the cut.

4) 24/7 Property Managers – Our dedicated local property experts in Dunstable and the surrounding areas are your rental’s personal accountants. They’ll keep an eye on your investment around the clock, handling any maintenance, repairs or tenant needs promptly. Just sit back and relax!

5) Corporate Tenant Stream – We tap into the premium, ultra-reliable corporate housing market to keep your property rented with steady income. These tenants’ rent is bankrolled by their company, making payments effortless.   

6) Maximum Visibility – Your property will be highly visible and professionally marketed across our aggressive promotion channels and flexible viewing schedules. A constant stream of primed, interested prospects experiencing it in the best light!

Our unbeatable local reputation and promotion strategies will make sure those “To Let” eyes are always locked on your property. We invest heavily in marketing to dominate search results. We nurture an extensive database of qualified prospective renters. We even pull from our referral networks.

On top of reaching more of the right eyeballs virtually, our flexible schedules for viewings cater to every prospect’s calendar. Whether tenants want to pop by before work or on a Sunday afternoon, we’ll gladly be available to show off your property’s best assets!

The end result? A steady stream of interested prospects experiencing your spotless, well-maintained rental in the best light possible. No lazy marketing or limited viewing times dragging everything down – just incredibly effective promotion of your prime asset!

Rent with full confidence knowing that the local property experts in Dunstable and the surrounding areas at Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau will smoothly handle every aspect. We’ll let you live out those passive income dreams!

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