Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau Simplifies the Process of Letting Your Property

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As a landlord seeking to let out a residential property, whether it be a single family home, a flat, or multiple properties, your primary concern is undoubtedly the timely receipt of monthly rent. While it is true that your property may appreciate in value over time, it is the rental income that sustains your livelihood. Managing the complexities of property rentals can be an arduous task, which is why so many landlords opt to use the comprehensive services offered by Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau.

As the premier letting agents in Dunstable, Luton, and the surrounding regions, we have built a reputation for managing our clients’ properties with professionalism and efficiency. With over 30 years of experience in managing rental properties, we ensure that your rent is delivered to you punctually each month, even in the event of a tenant defaulting on payment. We offer a turnkey solution that takes care of every aspect of property management on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on other matters.

Our guaranteed rent and property condition services offer further peace of mind, as we assume the responsibility of ensuring that your property remains in optimal condition, and you continue to receive rent payments irrespective of any circumstances that may arise. You will no longer be required to waste valuable time chasing tenants for rent, as we guarantee timely and hassle-free payments, similar to a regular salary cheque that is delivered without any effort on your part.

We Only Use The Most Experienced Contractors Hand Picked By Us

In addition, we have a team of vetted contractors and tradesmen who are on call to address any maintenance issues that may arise, keeping your tenants content and satisfied. Happy tenants are more likely to stay put, reducing the need to look for new tenants frequently. However, when new tenants are required, we are one of the most trusted and recognised brands in Bedfordshire, and our extensive network ensures that your property is leased quickly.

We offer flexible viewing hours, including weekends and after-work hours, to ensure that prospective tenants can view your property easily. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are also well-placed to provide accurate valuations, ensuring that you receive the best rental rates for your properties.

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