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At Bedfordshire Accommodation, we’ve walked a mile or two in the estate agent’s shoes. We’ve seen firsthand how an effective estate agent can elevate a property’s appeal.

We take pride in making the letting and selling journey easy for our clients. Here’s how our estate agent experts augment our services:

Guaranteed Rent and Property Conditions

• Mitigate rental concerns – our agents evaluate tenants to minimise missed payments and damages

• You’ll also receive a rental amount competitive for the area, so your property investment stays lucrative

24/7 Property Management

• Our agents don’t just find tenants – they nurture your rental investment around the clock

• From maintenance callouts to monthly inspections, they’re watchful property parents

• Strict vetting also means you’ll be blessed with responsible, clean tenants

Accurate Valuation

• Trying to set your sale or rent price is like downing an espresso before bed – it’ll keep you up at night

Estate agents in Luton analyse sale prices in your area to value your property

• With this data-backed figure, you can avoid pricing too low and attract the buyers/tenants you deserve

Magnet for Tenants

• Our lofty networks and marketing reach expose your property to vast tenant pools

• Through professional listings and open houses, we’ll reel in prospective tenants

• This means your property spends less time vacant and more time generating income!

 Access to Corporate Tenants

• Many companies need to relocate employees for projects and assignments temporarily

• Our agents have hooked into this lucrative corporate rental market

• These tenants tend to be higher-paying and lower-maintenance – a beneficial arrangement for property owners.

Longer Viewing Hours

• Buyers and renters work on all kinds of schedules – our agents cater to their flexibility

• You can browse hot properties after typical business hours and on weekends

• No more racing from work feeling frazzled – you’ll have ample time to soak in each listing

When you partner with an estate agent in Luton through Bedfordshire Accommodation, you’re not just getting a real estate expert – you’re gaining knowledgeable support through every step of the buying, selling, or renting journey.

Our estate agent collaborators are ready to assist to guide you towards your real estate dreams. Don’t settle for less – let Luton’s top agents help you overcome obstacles.

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