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You live in Dunstable, right? It’s a lively town in Bedfordshire. For over 30 years, Bedfordshire Accommodation has been the leading service provider for valued customers like you with their property needs. We know Dunstable and nearby Luton properties like the back of our hand.

Guaranteed Rent? No Worries!

As a landlord, you need your property kept in great shape too. Our Guaranteed Rent and Property Condition service has got your back.

Property Management – 24/7

Need repairs done? Tenant giving you grief? Just give us a ring anytime and we’ll get it all sorted out fast. We’ll keep you updated too on what’s happening with your place.

Accurate Valuation

Knowing what your property is worth is crucial, isn’t it? Our estate agents in Dunstable stay up-to-date on all the latest market facts.

We’ll give you an on-the-money assessment you can trust. It’s like having a car’s blue book value but for your property!

A Magnet for Quality Tenants

Our marketing expertise ensures maximum property exposure through online listings and open houses. We’ll get your property in front of tons of potential tenants.

Corporate Tenants? We Got It!

Besides residential properties, we also work with big corporate clients looking for places to house their employees.

We’ve got strong partnerships with major businesses around here that need housing temporary or long-term for their staff. Sign up with us and you’ll get a steady stream of reliable, dependable corporate tenants renting your property.

Longer Viewing Hours = Your Convenience

Looking for a new place on a tight schedule is such a headache, right? That’s why we make viewings flexible to fit your life.

Our estate agents in Dunstable will show you properties at whatever time works best – nights, weekends, you name it. You no longer have to rearrange your entire day for a viewing!

Marketing That Attracts Quality Tenants FAST

Want to know our secret for getting you quality tenants promptly? Two words: Effective marketing. We’ve got some advanced digital strategies going on behind the scenes.

From optimising the web content to using data statistics, we ensure your property listing gets optimal visibility online. Increased visibility leads to more prospective tenant inquiries, allowing us to rent properties efficiently.

We get it – choosing who to trust with your property is a huge deal. But Bedfordshire Accommodation isn’t some faceless company. We’re partners who care about your success.

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