Why You Should Pick Us: Your Go-To Letting Agents

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Looking to rent out your property? Or maybe you’re searching for that perfect rental home? Don’t stress – Bedfordshire Accommodation has got your back! We’re the top letting agents in Dunstable, with years of experience making renters and landlords smile.

Our team knows the rental field inside and out, so you can relax while we handle everything smoothly. Keeping you happy is our #1 priority!

Services for Landlord

  1. Guaranteed rent – Are problematic tenants failing to pay rent? We are here to prevent such issues. Sign up for our guaranteed rent plan just by choosing us, and you’ll never miss a payment.
  2. 24/7 Property Management – Do you prefer not to manage the property directly? We’ve got you covered around the clock! Our management services will find you good tenants, collect rent, inspect your property – everything! You just sit back and receive your rental income without active involvement.
  3. On-Point Valuations Pricing – your rental is crucial to get it rented fast and achieve a timely rental at maximum market value. Our valuation professionals know Dunstable’s market like the back of their hand, so you can be sure you’re pricing it just right.

Why Bedfordshire is #1

  1. Our letting agents have accumulated extensive experience in the Dunstable rental market over many years. We know this town’s property scene.
  2. Honest & Ethical – You can always count on us to be 100% transparent and play by the rules. No shady business here – just straightforward, professional service you can trust.
  3. Using All The Latest Tech – To provide a modern experience, we’re working with cutting-edge tech to make your rental experience smooth sailing. Virtual tours, easy document uploads, you name it!
  4. Customised Service Just For You – Every client gets the white-glove treatment. We’ll take the time to understand YOUR needs and develop a customised strategy aligned with your specific needs.

Past Clients Love Us!

Here’s what real people are saying:

“Very pleasant experience renting my property last month. Hassan was especially impressive and very responsive throughout.” – Kyler Woods

“Having been a tenant with this agency for quite some time can honestly say they are the best. Ali and Hussain are always professional and quick to resolve any issues on my property.” – Alaina Torres

Bedfordshire Accommodation is simply the best letting agent in Dunstable. Our experienced team will leverage their expertise to take all the stress and headaches off your plate.

To get started, give us a call today! We’ll guide you through every step of renting your ideal place or filling those vacancies. Sorted!

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