Managing A Rental Property Involves A Lot Of Work

  • 1 year ago
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As a landlord the most important thing for you is to know that your rent is coming in on time every month whilst the property is also being maintained.

Managing a rental property involves a considerable amount of work in order to ensure that you select the right tenants. To begin with, you need to advertise in the right places in order to get your property occupied and the rent coming in ASAP. You may also need to employ trusted tradesmen to carry out any necessary work on the property before you let it.

Acknowledged As The Primary Letting Agents In Dunstable And Luton

At Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau, we are well-known as the primary letting agents in Dunstable and Luton, and when you use us to let your property or properties we take care of all the stress and worries. We have been managing rental properties in the area for over 30 years.

One of the biggest advantages is that when you let through us you get guaranteed rent in Luton! Yes, regardless of the circumstances, your rent will always be there on time every month. This gives our landlords enormous peace of mind.

We have instant access to all types of tradesman so that no matter what, we take care of any and all issues that may arise, including emergency callouts. Which will result in happier tenants who are less likely to cause you issues.

Ultimately all that any landlord wants is to know there rent is coming in, property is being maintained and have nohassle, and with Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau, that is exactly what you get.

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