When You Let Your Property Through Us You Get Guaranteed Rent

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Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau are a well established lettings and estate agents in the Luton and Dunstable area. We manage hundreds of properties on behalf of our clients.

One of the factors that is attractive to any landlord is our guaranteed rental. Whether your rental property has a mortgage or not landlords need to have the peace of mind that comes with the rent coming in on time every month. We do take every care when interviewing tenants, carrying out extensive background checks, and most of the time there are no issues. However, in this day and age with the price of almost everything sky rocketing, a tenant can suddenly find themselves in financial turmoil. When you let your property through us, you get guaranteed rent, so even if your tenant should default, your rent will continue to come in.

However, if it becomes necessary to carry out an eviction, we will handle all of that for you as well. Even better is that if that should occur, we cover all of the associated legal costs for free, so you will not be out of pocket.

You Want The Best Possible Rent

When you let your property, you want the best possible rent for it, and as estate agents we are fully aware of the property prices in your area because we keep up with local valuations on a weekly basis. We also take into consideration the amenities in your local area. So, for example, you may be able to ask a higher rent if your property is close to a good school or a local park or has a wonderful view of the countryside.

In addition, as you would expect of the foremost letting estate agents in Dunstable, we do carry out regular inspections of your property. This helps us to ensure that your tenants are behaving themselves and also allows us to spot any issues that a tenant may not have reported, such as a damp patch on a wall. It makes sense to deal with things like this quickly rather than leave them to become worse, and as a result more expensive to repair.

When letting your property, we know exactly where to advertise in order to maximise potential enquiries, and we also offer long viewing hours in the evenings and at weekends, so that your property has the best possible chance to be let.

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