As A Property Investor, All You Want Is Your Monthly Rent To Be Paid On Time While Keeping The Property Maintained

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If you are a property investor in the market for an agent, then look no further. Here at Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau, we have been working as a letting agents in Luton as well as a letting agents in Dunstable on behalf of owners and investors for over 25 years, and our knowledge of the area and investment properties is second to none. For total peace of mind our agency guarantees the rent and property condition. We will ensure we find the most suitable tenant for your property with our extensive background checks, but sometimes tenants circumstances change outside their control and when this happens it is very important that landlords such as yourself still get paid to help cover your mortgage or other outgoing payments, which is why we also cover all legal costs if we ever have to carry out an eviction.

In House 24/7 Maintenance team to help deal with all issues at the property

When you own an investment property, whether you are a professional investor or having inherited it, the one and only thing that you want for certain is to know the rent is coming in on time every month. That is perfectly understandable. But renting out a property comes with its’ own set of issues. For instance, a tenant may have a plumbing issue in the evening. Perhaps a leaking pipe in the bathroom which is causing damage to the property. The last thing that you need as a landlord is to have your tenant on the phone telling you about the problem, and you then have to find an emergency plumber who will charge an extortionate to deal with it.

At Bedfordshire Accommodation Bureau we have our own team of trusted and vetted contractors whom we can call upon instantly in an emergency. With our team of professionals you can rest easy knowing that once they have been sent out the works will be done. And the best thing is we offer free quotes. No works will be finalised with out first getting the landlords permission so you know your getting the best value.

Routine Inspections

Of course, we carry out routine inspections of your property free of charge so that any potential issues can be dealt with before it gets worse down the line. This helps to ensure your property is kept in top condition, whilst also making sure the tenant is happy and safe at the property.

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